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Views from the Vrge

Views: Zoom America vs Doom America

Views: Three Crises How you experience the COVID Crisis depends almost entirely on the type of work you do. For some -- let’s call it Zoom America -- the crisis is an inconvenience.   Video conference calls.  Work from home. Social distancing.  Annoying masks.  The

Views: The Path Forward?

Views: Three Crises The danger this week is not the Murder Hornet, but instead the more than 20.5 million people in America who lost their jobs in April. We all thought the Great Recession was bad, but this is the worst economic meltdown since the

Views: Trump, Biden & the Politics of Pandemic

Views: Three Crises And we’re back. Nearly two months into the pandemic, the immediate public health response is underway, and politics have crept back into the picture. Here are 5 things to know. Trump -- The President is chafing under the restrictions imposed by the

Views: Two Grim Milestones

Views: Three Crises Let us begin with a word of gratitude.  Thanks to the frontline healthcare workers who are doing everything they can to help those in need -- the doctors, the nurses, and the staff who demonstrate courage and grit on a daily basis

Views: The Trump Doctrine?

Views: Three Crises The Trump Doctrine? “When somebody is the President of the United States, the authority is total.”  That was the (constitutionally suspect) pronouncement from the White House early in the week, as the President tried to indicate that he would force the opening

Views: Trump vs. the Coronavirus

Views: Three Crises Trump vs. the Coronavirus The race for President is now set given that Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign.  Technically, it’s Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden.  But in a very real sense, it’s Trump vs. the Coronavirus. Every day, the President faces

Views: Three Crises

Views: Three Crises Three Crises This week, we saw the COVID crisis through a new prism as 6 million people in America signed up for unemployment benefits, giving a hint of the economic disruption that is already underway. By our count, there are no fewer than three
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Views: The Politics of Pandemic

Views: The Politics of Pandemic The Politics of Pandemic Congress today will give final approval to a nearly $2 trillion economic stability package. Despite some fits and starts, Republicans and Democrats worked across the aisle in near-record time to come up with a compromise to

Views: What a Week…

Views: What a Week... Our society is being asked to step up to a challenge unlike any we’ve seen in the past 75 years, and so far, the results are mixed. On the bright side, social distancing is happening to an extent that we never

Views: The President’s Greatest Test

Views: The President's Greatest Test Pandemic The global COVID-19 pandemic is now center stage, and everything else -- tech policy, cybersecurity, even to a certain extent, electoral politics -- have been pushed to the back burner. We’re all becoming experts in epidemiology, infection rates, and