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Views: The Politics of Pandemic

Views: The Politics of Pandemic The Politics of Pandemic Congress today will give final approval to a nearly $2 trillion economic stability package. Despite some fits and starts, Republicans and Democrats worked across the aisle in near-record time to come up with a compromise to support our economy and help

Views: What a Week…

Views: What a Week... Our society is being asked to step up to a challenge unlike any we’ve seen in the past 75 years, and so far, the results are mixed. On the bright side, social distancing is happening to an extent that we never thought possible. Some of our

Views: The President’s Greatest Test

Views: The President's Greatest Test Pandemic The global COVID-19 pandemic is now center stage, and everything else -- tech policy, cybersecurity, even to a certain extent, electoral politics -- have been pushed to the back burner. We’re all becoming experts in epidemiology, infection rates, and flattening the curve. We know
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Views: And then there were two…

Views: And then there were two... And then there were two. The race for the Democratic nomination clarified itself in ways that seemed impossible this time last week. It's down to Biden vs. Bernie. Joe Biden’s 30-point victory in South Carolina last Saturday night opened the floodgates, forcing Mayor Pete