The Path Forward?

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The danger this week is not the Murder Hornet, but instead the more than 20.5 million people in America who lost their jobs in April. We all thought the Great Recession was bad, but this is the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression.

This, in no small part, is why President Trump and Governors across the country are seeking ways to reopen their economy, even when those decisions are sometimes in conflict with guidance from the CDC.

This will all be one enormous science experiment. Can we avoid a second wave of cases and keep our economy intact? Time will tell and the costs will be high.

Policywise, the jobless numbers should drive added momentum for the Phase IV recovery efforts in Congress.

Expect another huge expenditure of federal dollars — in terms of unemployment, money for cities and states, and some infrastructure spending. Moving this legislation won’t be easy, but the scale of the economic disaster will be the motivating factor.

Cyber Corner

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The Role of Cybersecurity in a New Privacy World Order

For the past 6+ weeks, story after story has focused on the move to remote work and the implications that has had on the cybersecurity postures of companies, governments and consumers.

A dispersed and diverse network brought significant challenges but, for the most part, cyber protections have passed the test and major aspects of the economy have been able to continue to function in a stay-at-home world.

But, what is next? Tech companies have jumped into the fray, and Apple and Google are working together to develop a contact tracing solution that leverages smartphone data to warn citizens about exposure to Coronavirus.

Participation in contract tracing and other programs to better identify Coronavirus spread will require the ability for companies and governments to protect extremely private data that utilizens critical information about citizens.

Without trust that cyber defenses will enable citizens to maintain their privacy, the ability to track the spread of Coronavirus falters. Privacy and security are inherently two different functions, but in a Pandemic World, they may be more closely tethered than ever before.

Wanted: Cybersecurity Skills

Most cybersecurity leaders say that their organizations still lack the necessary cybersecurity skills. According to a new report from research firm Stott and May, 76% of respondents believe there is a shortage of cybersecurity skills in their organization and nearly 72% of organizations are still struggling to procure cybersecurity talent — with no improvement from 2019.

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