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Vrge seamlessly integrates public affairs, media relations and digital services

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Whether you’re a startup ready to change the world, or a more established organization ready to shake things up, Vrge can help you seize the moment.

  • Positioning

    Define Yourself, Define Your World

    Markets upended by new technologies and business models present unique challenges for positioning your organization. Building your brand vis-à-vis your competitors is only part of the challenge. Regulations, interest groups, communities, and politics are all part of the equation you need to solve. Vrge has the industry, political, and policy experience it takes to help you find your course.

    • Branding
    • Thought Leadership
    • Positioning
    • De-Positioning
    • Digital Campaigns
  • Advocacy

    Sometimes You Need to Change the Rules

    Whether you’re an innovative new player or the industry leader, government will play a critical role in creating the environment for your success or failure. Vrge can help you build powerful coalitions and creative advocacy campaigns that move the needle. Vrge brings decades of experience running global, federal, state and local public affairs campaigns that drive results.

    • Public Affairs
    • Issue Management
    • Coalition Building
    • Litigation Support
    • Media Relations
  • Crisis Communication

    When Stuff Hits The Fan

    When things don’t go according to plan, Vrge is there to help. Our experts have guided startups and Fortune 500 companies through major crises including data breaches, lawsuits and product recalls. We help your organization prepare for a potential crisis and execute that plan flawlessly when the alarm bells are clanging and the klieg lights have turned on you.

    • Crisis Preparedness
    • Crisis Management
    • Reputation Management
    • Social Media Management
    • Media Relations
  • Vrge Analytics

    Polling and Data for Change

    Change is frightening and exciting. Data can remove uncertainty and give you the confidence to charge forward (or provide the evidence others need to follow you into the breach). Vrge Analytics provides industry polling, analytics, and custom research to help make sense of changing industry landscapes.

    • Polling
    • Focus Groups
    • Market Research
    • Digital Analytics
    • Custom Research
  • Disrupt U

    Disruption is Hard Work

    We help startups with disruptive technology and business models navigate market dynamics and regulatory hurdles.

    • Disruption Index
    • Competition/Regulatory Audit
    • Storytelling 101
    • Market Research
    • Team Management
  • Strategic Philanthropy

    Advancing Issues to Benefit Society

    In an era of disruption, non-profits, philanthropies, government and business must find new ways to drive change to benefit society. Our team has deep experience working at the highest levels of issue advocacy, crafting campaigns and projects that create real and meaningful change, and leveraging the resources of companies, non-profits and government in mutually beneficial ways. Vrge recognizes that through innovative strategies and collaborations, seemingly intractable issues can be addressed in ways that truly benefit people.

    • Philanthropic Strategy
    • Public Affairs
    • Coalition Building
    • Media Relations
    • Corporate Social Partnerships
    • Digital Strategy and Execution
"The intersection between technology, business conflict and policy is increasingly complex and requires thoughtful insight for companies to achieve their goals. Vrge's leadership serves as essential strategists, providing the creativity and vision to guide CEOs through the business, legal and policy challenges that can or break a company." Mark McLaughlin, CEO of Palo Alto Networks